We Bought ameritas dental in USA and This Happens ?

Tooth a little ameritas dental bit better I suggest that you use a heater so if you use a composite heater what it does it makes it flow a little bit better I still won’t stick to your instrument surprisingly because the filler content is what’s responsible for that but it will actually be a lot easier to manage so you can shape it.



A little bit better so I like using Cabala heater from Cal sense where we can put the composite Center before we start bonding and .

When we actually start restoring the tooth the composite is nice and warm and it’s very easy to manage again .

That’s the final outcome of following the protocols start with isolation proper isolation after that we want to make sure that we always pre wedge and after.

We pre wedge we want to make sure that we remove just the K our enamel has to be on all the periphery we want to make sure that we have a nice seal between our matrix and our enamel and finally .

We want to make sure that we follow steps to avoid any post-op sensitivity if we have to manage postal sensitivity that’s already.

A patient that’s coming in that’s already unhappy so we want to avoid post-op sensitivity so thank you everyone for joining us today [Music] you [Music] everything every decision that you make is a trade-off against something else and .

that doesn’t just apply to your money it applies to your time your focus your energy your attention it applies to anything in your life that is .

A scarce or a limited resource and so that leads to two questions number one what is most important to you not .

what do other people say should be important to you but what do you actually value in your own life regardless of how unconventional it may be and number two how do you align your daily decisions in accordance answering