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know humana dental how you initially set that up to make sure for  humana dental that your credit balances aren’t real true credit balances so we don’t necessarily say you have to refund.

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The patient immediately we say we have to notify the patient immediately so once you

verify that that credit balance is accurate I don’t care if it’s cents you call

The patient you tell them to leave a message you email the patient and you notate of course that you’ve called.

them that you have to talk to them about billing don’t tell them why but you have to talk to them about billing because you

Want them to call you back and if something is about a bill they’re gonna want to talk about it but you can say hey good news you have cents as a credit would you like for me to keep that on your account I’m to use towards your next

Treatment or would you like for me to cut you a check for cents or or , it doesn’t matter depending upon what they say you then want to put it in writing and send them an email and they need to respond to the email of what they

Agree to if they agreed that day yes leave my credit balance I’m there of this amount per your conversation get it in writing and then make sure you take a screenshot of that and put it in a smart box or if you can put the email in their smart box or attach to

Their patient chart if you have to have it in writing that they give you permission to leave the credit and file if you do not have all of those things then yes you must write a check right away absolutely that do not need that credit balance on

What do I do when a patient has two insurances and let’s we’ve got about – minutes let’s try and keep it as short as possible to Sherry jolly well when a patient has two insurances first of all if you have to build