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The Biggest Lesson For Dental Helps.

We can  be a better at case acceptance and and  start to use the website or the training  specific to the needs of you and your team like reach out to them and say what  do you guys think we can improve upon you know what do you think we can be doing better and then use the training  according to what’s needed in your office and that’s kind of an idea behind it as you improve one area.

You know maybe another area starts to shine that  needs some attention it’s and then you work on training in that area and kind of use it to always dental helps continually improving your practice so from from your perspective right now what do you  find being the area that the majority of practices need help with and I know it’s like there’s you know a million different things on the list that we could probably pick out that everybody  needs help but because it’s not always like the people will talk to me and they’ll say you know.

I’m having problems with my red hundred pounds with my collections or I’m having problems my overhead and then  we drill it down it’s like it’s not just because you have a like one problem it’s really because you have like problems that ya address and fixing just one of those there’s like you know it’s all like you own this industry there’s  there’s not a magic bullet there ain’t never has been there never will be no matter who tries to sell you anything there’s never magic what a lot it’s a lot of hard work and good strong work too so but from your perspective.

We’re in a lot of the front offices where do  they falter what what is it right now that people are having the most amount of problem trouble problems in trouble with well I think there’s two answers dental insurance nc to that there’s a small answer and then a larger answer I would say my first go-to answer is the telephones I do not think  that our our staff is trained well typically on answering the phones I just did a little social media video about this recently because I said what do you think the number one piece of technology is in the dental office most dentists.

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12 Steps to Finding the Perfect Dental Insurance Nc.

The short term or the Medicare on whatever may be so because there are a lot of agents out there in the independent community dental insurance nc that do not cross-sell dental they just simply say oh if you need it just go ahead and google it yourself it is an underserved market from a consumer standpoint and so you know something to think about something to try but I have heard a handful of sugars most notably on the seniors side.

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That are executing on their current marketing plans but using dental as the lead by way of getting the core product with some success so food for thought perfect that came through if you’re already appointed with security life do you have to reapply and also is there a separate appointment for the group enrollment and that if you’re already appointed you should not have to reappoint you should be good to go.

So that one I’ll cover and you should have group enrollment already available to you as well that’s correct what the only clarification of it is if you sold the alcohol like the Amaris proper group previously like dental insurance before they purchase security life those appointments are separate like they’re tailored plans for their large group so the way that America come operates on their employments is there’s somewhat product-specific and so if it’s if it’s a group plan.

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That’s their tailor plans those those appointments are separate um HCP does offer our small group solutions in addition with our individual but yeah everything’s kind of on on a product basis but yeah so if your point today with with emeritus for the prime star products you don’t have to get reappointed no okay off your point is through another general agency that’s not as great as HCP and she offers and you want to get reappointed you can do so definitely another question Jason’s just firing them at me.

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